Multi-channel communication

Our partner communications agency is in charge of multi-channel communications for the Grand River Shopping Center in Fiume Veneto (PN).

Electrical and plumbing maintenance

Our partner specializing in the maintenance of electrical and plumbing systems has won the tenders and as a result is operational with five Shopping Centers nationwide.

Street furniture and fittings

Our partner specialized in Street Furniture and Outfitting designed and implemented the Restyling inside the Lingotto Shopping Center in Turin.

Engineering firm

Our partner Engineering Firm carried out the instrumental laser scanner survey of the sales areas of the Valecenter Shopping Center in Marcon ( VE ) and the CC Antegnate ( BG ).

Roofing waterproofing

Our Contract partner carried out the waterproofing of the roof covering of the Gran Fiume Shopping Center in Fiume Veneto (PN ).

Production and installation of skylights

Our partner specializing in the production and installation of skylights carried out a major intervention on the roof of the Palladio Shopping Center in Vicenza.

Making prints

Our partner specialized in making prints on any format and material cooperates with more than 100 Shopping Centers nationwide.

Subject area design

Our partner specialized in designing thematic areas has built and installed dog areas outside 15 shopping centers

Box Srl
Sede legale: Via Brescia, 33
36040 Torri di Quartesolo (VI)
Sede operativa: Palladio, 36
36100 Vicenza
Box Srl
Registered office: Via Brescia, 33
36040 Torri di Quartesolo (VI)
Operative Headquarters: Palladio, 36
36100 Vicenza

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